Work Packages

The DECIPHER PCP project is divided into six work packages (WP), each one having a responsible leader. There is close interaction between Work Packages 2, 3, and 5 as they together generate a PCP call. The remaining work packages provide a support function to help run the project.

WP1 Management Activities

This work package will ensure that governance procedures are agreed and maintained, the initiative progresses to plan and high quality working relationships support participants and stakeholders co-operation.

WP2 Pre-Commercial Procurement Coordination Activities

This work package will ensure that the DECIPHER PCP Consortium deploys a single, joint PCP Call to commission suppliers from throughout the EU. Furthermore, the objective is to develop four fully inter-operable work threads that will, collectively, form the DECIPHER PCP platform.

WP3 Pre-Commercial Procurement RTD Activities

This work package will deliver PCP RTD activities. It will be led by AIAQS, with representatives from all consortium partners.

WP4 Evaluation

The objectives of this work package are the design of a framework to be used to evaluate the different bidders in terms of process and impact measures, detailed reports of the evaluations, summarise an impact evaluation of the project through a evaluation that will cover success and failure issues.

WP5  European PHR Platform Specification & Reference Implementation

This work package will deliver platform and technical standards to support the project. The objective is to produce a common framework and requirements specification for producing interoperable, mobile, cross-border European PHR services within the selected application domain.

WP6 Dissemination

This Work Package will ensure the communication and information dissemination between the consortium members, with the stakeholders, and to promote the awareness and experiences of the Pre-Commercial Procurement. Furthermore, the objective is to ensure the involvement of a critical base of innovative SMEs within the PCP tender process.