Deliverables are public once approved by the European Comission. All due dates are +12 months from 2/2013 as the start of the project was delayed by 12 months.

You can download documents here or request them by email



Deliverable title WP number Due date Lead beneficiary Download PDF
D1.1 Project Initiation Document 1 M13 AQuAS PDF
D2.1 Phase 0: Needs assessment report 2 M21 AQuAS PDF
D2.2 Phase 1: Specification complete & ITT notice 2 M22 AQuAS PDF
D2.3 Phase 1: Submissions evaluated 2 M23 AQuAS PDF
D2.5 Phase 1: End user feedback report 2 M27 AQuAS PDF
D2.6 Phase 2: Specification complete & ITT notice 2 M29 AQuAS PDF
D2.7 Phase 2: Submissions evaluated 2 M30 AQuAS PDF
D2.9 Phase 2: End user feedback report 2 M36 AQuAS PDF
D2.10 Phase 2: Specification complete & ITT notice 2 M37 AQuAS PDF
D2.11 Phase 3: Submissions evaluated 2 M38 AQuAS PDF
D2.13 Phase 3: Final end user feedback report 2 M33 AQuAS PDF
D3.1 Phase 1: Prototypes designed 3 M27 AQuAS PDF


Phase 0: Evaluation Report 4 M21 AQuAS PDF
D4.2 Phase 1: Evaluation Report 4 M28 AQuAS PDF
D4.3 Phase 2: Evaluation Report 4 M37 AQuAS PDF
D4.4 Phase 3: Evaluation Report & Summary Evaluation Report 4 M48 AQuAS PDF
D4.5 Final Evaluation Published 4 M48 AQuAS PDF
D5.1 Technical Standards Report 5 M21 VTT PDF
D6.1 Information dissemination plan 6 M18 VTT PDF
D6.3 Engaging suppliers to the PCP Tender 6 M17 VTT PDF
D6.4 Papers, guides and presentations 6 M23,29,37,48  VTT PDF
D6.8 Post-project information dissemination 6 M48 VTT PDF