EMPATTICS PCP invites companies and other parties to Open Market Consultation

EMPATTICS (EMpowering PAtients for a beTTer Information and improvement of the Communication Systems) is a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) cofound action of the Horizon 2020 built upon an international partnership formed by 7 entities from 5 different European countries: Spain, Denmark, France, UK and Ireland. It aims to pursue an ambitious objective: to enhance self-management for people with chronic illnesses through innovative ICT tools and test them at a large scale and integrated as part of the strategic development of health policies in all buyer regions. The goal is a system that will be broadly applicable to a variety of disease types.

Companies and other market participants are cordially invited to fill out the Open Market Consultation Questionnaire to express their feedback about the Empattics project and tender setup.

Questionnaire is open until 15th of October, 2016.

Take note that:

  • Neither the information provided in the questionnaire, nor the responses are binding.
  • Filling out this questionnaire neither is a prerequisite, nor gives an advantage for submitting bids in the Empattics tender.
  • Respondents have the option to answer the questions, that they find relevant.


More information about the project, the upcoming call for Tender and other issues at the EMPATTICS webpage.