DECIPHER PCP project has partners in Finland, Italy, Spain, and United Kingdom. The consortium includes research institutions, public development organizations, and public health care organisations. The public procurers in the DECIPHER PCP consortium are ESTAR (Italy), TicSalut (Spain), CMFT/TRUSTECH (UK).

Public Procurer Organisations



TRUSTECH is an NHS organisation that aims to improve healthcare through the development of innovative products and services. We work with NHS organisations, companies and local or national bodies and networks to bring forward new ideas and help to put them into practice.

Within the NHS, we help individuals and teams to develop and commercialise or disseminate their innovative products and services and protect their intellectual property. We help NHS organisations manage their innovations and introduce new technologies to meet clinical needs and improve patient care.

For companies and universities, we offer a commercial consultancy service helping them to identify the clinical needs of the NHS and evaluate their products and services in an appropriate setting. This helps companies to produce more desirable products and services by developing them to match current NHS requirements.

For regional and national organisations, TRUSTECH offers expert advisory and assessment services to evaluate the need and impact of healthcare innovations. We have considerable experience in project managing programmes and providing consultancy for the Department of Health, the NHS National Innovation Centre, local Academic Health Science Networks, Strategic Health Authority and Clinical Research Networks and the Commission for New Economy.


ESTAR (Ente di supporto tecnico-amministrativo regionale) is a Tuscany Regional Agency in charge of centralised procurement, logistics, health technology and ICT support for Central Tuscany Public Health Entities (ASL10 Firenze, AOU Careggi, AOU Meyer, ASL3 Pistoia, ASL4 Prato, ASL11 Empoli and ISPO).

TicSalut Foundation

The TicSalut Foundation is an agency within the Ministry of Health that works to promote the development and use of ICT and networking in the field of health, acts as an observatory for new trends, innovation and monitoring of emerging initiatives and provides services for the standardisation and accreditation of products.

The implementation of ICT in the health sector is now unstoppable and is seen as one of the most transformative elements in the health sector of the future. The fact that the health sector in Catalonia covers 100% of citizens within a framework of universal and public coverage, together with the involvement of a variety of agents, organisations, suppliers and subsidiary industries, puts the health sector in an excellent position to act as an economic innovator and energising influence in the use of new technologies 


Project Support Organisations


The Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya (AQuAS) is the Catalan Agency for Health Quality and Assessment, it is a public non-profit organization and makes part of the Catalan Health Service. AQuAS has the mission to generate relevant knowledge to contribute to the improvement of the quality, safety and sustainability of the healthcare system, with main goal of supporting the decision making process of citizens, healthcare professionals, managers and policy makers. In the project AQuAS plays different roles: it is the project coordinator, it leads the coordination of the PCP process taking the responsibility of launching one joint procurement in the name of the three procuring authorities and it leads the Evaluation of the procurement.

Anci Innovazione

Anci Innovazione supports public administrations in exploitation of ICT models, in institutional processes simplification, in undertaking innovative paths and in elaboration of projects that allow them to play a  key role  in the development of the Information Society. Likewise in DECIPHER, Anci Innovazione collaborates with the commissioning authorities that will run a joint PCP and the other partners on the project dissemination.


Eurecat is the Technology Centre of Catalonia. It’s the result of the integration of the most important technology centres from the TECNIO network: Ascamm, Barcelona Media, BDigital, Cetemmsa and CTM. Combines the experience of over 450 professionals, generating an annual income of €40M. The new centre serves over a thousand businesses, participates in over 160 national and international R&D&i high level strategic projects, and has 36 international patents and 7 technology-based companies.


VTT Technical Research Centre

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland provides technical expertise for the procurement process to be carried out in DECIPHER PCP project. As the leader of WP5 VTT is responsible for the state of the art analysis of Personal Health Record (PHR) platforms and for the specification and set-up of a PHR test environment. The objective of VTT’s activities is to ensure that the mobile solutions to be developed in the project are based on open standards and specifications and can be connected with back-end systems of different countries.  VTT will exploit its long-term experience of specifying, implementing and piloting PHR systems.